The 2022 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Report

The 2022 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion report has arrived - and this year, we're doing things a little differently.

Partnering with specialist ED&I organisations: QlearsiteBYP Network and Inclusive Group, we will be releasing seperate chapters to provide specific strategic advice on the key topics surrounding ED&I.

In what was another impacful year globally for the diversity and inclusion movement, +6,000 professionals completed a survey to help us understand the state of play of ED&I across UK and Irish workplaces. The ED&I Strategy Report highlights the key trends, issues, best practice case studies and strategic advice for companies on how to improve their approach to equality, diversity & inclusion.

Latest release

60% of women have not been offered a promotion at their current company

This report focuses on gender disparities that persist in the workplace.

High-profile conversations and widespread media coverage have bought the issue of gender imbalance to the forefront of the agenda for UK and Ireland employers.

What's inside...

  • The career challenges and workplace experiences of professionals through the lenses of Gender (including Gender Identity and LGBTQ+)
  • Best-in-class examples of a progressive D&I Gender strategy in action from leading UK and Irish employers
  • Actionable recommendations to address D&I Gender challenges

Download the gender report:

Upcoming reports

The next installments in the ED&I series will be released in the coming months - you can register today to receive the latest reports as they are released:

Ethnicity Report 

Now available


Age Report 

Now available


Disability Report 

Now available



Socio-economic Report 

Socioeconomic status (SES) takes into consideration a combination of a persons education, income and occupation. 

This year, Robert Walters wanted to delve deeper into socio-economic ED&I in the Workplace, understanding what this looks like within the current landscape and uncovering whether various factors, such as a rise in remote working, has increased workplace challanges for certain demographics.

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Qlearsite delivers actionable people insights. The platform combines short, smart surveys with insightful listening technology - so understanding your teams can become the cornerstone of your organisational success.

It’s a better way to get the answers you need. With 20+ survey topics, customisable dashboards, and easy-to-use sharing and reporting features, Qlearsite helps people-centric leaders know how to make a strategic impact. Whatever the challenge - from boosting retention, to understanding inclusion - you learn how to motivate and engage your employees.

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