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A career in regulatory reporting?

Banks are subject to certain regulations and requirements that aim to uphold the integrity of the financial system. Financial institutions are regulated by governments to disclose and handle their capital in a certain way. The categorisation of assets and capital is highly standardised so that it can be risk weighted.

Our Dublin recruiters explore why you should consider a career in regulatory reporting.

A number of recent high profile financial scandals have raised both the profile and importance of areas which control the reporting of information to external bodies. Financial services companies are legislated by a variety of bodies, including the Central Bank of Ireland and the ISE.

The role provides excellent exposure to all areas of the bank, including product control, financial control, treasury, operations, IT, front office, legal and credit risk.


What does the role involve?

As a regulatory analyst you will play a critical role maintaining the integrity of the financial system. Regulatory reporting is normally split into three separate areas:

  • Capital adequacy (banks allocation of capital for regulatory purposes)
  • Large and counterparty exposure risk (concentration of risk to certain groupings e.g. industries or counterparties)
  • Central Bank reporting


Why choose regulatory reporting?

Regulatory reporting is a blend of financial control, product control and risk reporting. You will gain a very good general grounding of a bank’s products without having to specialise.

Career progression

The role provides excellent exposure to all areas of the bank, including product control, financial control, treasury, operations, IT, front office, legal and credit risk. As such, it is a good entry route into financial services. You can also gain promotion within this area and become a senior level regulatory professional or work for the Regulator.

Interested in a career in regulatory reporting?

Contact Robert Walters Dublin to be put in touch with a member specialised Accounting & Finance team.

Compare regulatory reporting salaries with the Ireland salary guide.


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