The 2023 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Report

The 2022 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion report has arrived.

In what was another impactful year globally for the diversity and inclusion movement, +6,000 professionals completed a survey to help us understand the state of play of ED&I across UK and Irish workplaces.

The ED&I Strategy Report highlights the key trends, issues, best practice case studies and strategic advice for companies on how to improve their approach to equality, diversity & inclusion.

Partnering with specialist ED&I organisations Censuswide and Resource Solutions, we will be releasing separate chapters to provide specific strategic advice on the key topics surrounding ED&I.

Pre-order the upcoming chapter: A Spotlight on Disability

Robert Walters has gathered insights from professionals in the UK and Ireland, looking at disparities relating to diversity and inclusion.

What's inside...

  • Key findings drawn from a survey completed by +6,000 professionals, helping us understand the state of play of ED&I across UK and Irish workplaces
  • The career challenges and workplace experiences of professionals through the lens of disability.
  • Actionable recommendations to address ED&I challenges, delivered by Kaleidoscope Group.

Download the report:

Chapters included

Ethnicity Report 




Age Report 



Disability Report 




Socio-Economic Diversity Report 

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