4 reasons why you should consider a career in cyber security this year

Andy Hollens

The continued increase in cyber attacks combined with the impact of regulation such as GDPR has led to significant demand for well qualified information security, cyber security and IT risk professionals in Ireland. In the short to medium term, demand will outpace supply and organisations will need to consider hiring and training graduates to help safe-guard their information.

Suzanne Feeney, Director at Robert Walters, explains the four top reasons why you should consider a role in cyber security.

1. Ireland is faced with cyber talent shortages

The cyber / information security field is in need of professionals at all levels and across all areas (blue, red and purple teams). As awareness of cybercrime and privacy breaches grows, we anticipate stronger interest levels among school leavers in pursuing a career in cyber security. As the industry shapes and evolves with changing technology, organisations will need to embrace new talent and assist in the development of cyber professionals careers from graduate level and up.

2. Increased demand has led to increased salaries

Make sure you demonstrate your ability to evolve and develop your skill sets by earning industry certifications.

The high demand for cyber security professionals, coupled with skills shortages (not just in Ireland but globally) has led to an increase in salaries in 2018 and we expect this trend to continue into 2019. In the interim/contract space in particular, we have seen cyber professionals securing premium rates to design and lead projects delivering change.

3. It's a highly dynamic industry

The nature of cyber security means that it is a highly dynamic industry. This is excellent news if you do not have experience in the field, but do possess solid technical knowledge on all things IT along with natural skills for conceptualising, synthesizing and solving problems. When you are faced with daily phising attacks, unpatched software, ransomware and social media attacks, don't expect a role that is boring and repetitive!

“The highly dynamic field will allow you to progress through the career ladder at a faster pace than other industries, so make sure you demonstrate your ability to evolve and develop your skill sets by earning industry certifications.” Suzanne says.

4. Your role plays an important part within the organisation

Working with technology can make it hard to determine the impact of your work, but cyber security matters. As a cyber security professional you are on the front line of defending important private information in your business from all kinds of trouble including reputational damage, financial losses and loss of customer and stakeholder trust. Your role as a cyber security professional matters to businesses and why it is such an exciting field to begin a career in. 

A rewarding and exciting industry, excellent career progression, rising salaries and continued growth are only some of the many benefits that a career in cyber security has to offer. If there ever was a time to enter the cyber security field, it’s now.

Interested in a career in cyber security? Speak to one of our experienced consultants or view our latest job opportunities in Ireland.

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