Stepping up: a guide for new managers

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While some professionals chart their course into management over several years, others may find themselves taking on managerial responsibilities to meet rapidly changing business needs.

Whether your move up was by design or destiny, the transition from employee to manager marks an exciting achievement and the beginning of a new phase in your career.

Nonetheless, this period is not without its challenges. Whether you’re growing an existing team, or you’ve been tasked to build an entirely new one, stepping up to hire, develop and lead effective and motivated employees can be a daunting prospect.

In our guide for new managers, we’ll give you the hiring ‘how to’ that you need to succeed – from finding the right talent to eradicating your interview uneasiness and from effective onboarding to embedding a culture and leadership style that inspires, here’s how to make that ‘step up’ as a hiring manager.

Stepping up: a guide for new managers includes:

  • Finding the best talent
  • Interviewing essentials
  • Hitting the ground running
  • Culture is crucial
  • Refining your management skills
  • From manager to leader
  • The golden rules of management

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