Prioritising Mental Health 

In Partnership with Kooth

Learning outcomes:

  • Navigating the redundancy process 
  • How to bounce back from redundancy 
  • Staying motivated during the job search
  • Managing rejection and receiving feedback

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About Kooth

Kooth Work is a Positive Virtual Environment of Mental Health for ALL employees. The cost of poor mental health in the workplace is a significant drag on productivity and creativity with the most recent estimate by Deloitte putting this at £45bn per year. Worryingly, two thirds of these costs are linked to employees coming to work when they are not well. Poor mental health is impacting younger employees in the workplace disproportionately and Deloitte explain that the current approach to supporting employees is just not working and new prevention and early intervention services are required to address this employee sustainability crisis. 

Advice from the experts

Dr. Lynne Green
Clinical Director for Kooth

Dr. Lynne Green is the Clinical Director for Kooth and healthcare professional with more than 15 years working in the Mental Health Sector. She is passionate about improving access to mental health support for all ages, and is involved in a number of projects to destigmatise mental health and provide a clear pathway to help and advice when people need it the most.

“Talk to people, when people are feeling distressed they draw into themselves and often don’t even like hearing themselves talk about the situation out loud and sometimes feel that they are responsible or to blame for their ‘downfall’. Talking to people is hugely beneficial during this respect and promoting positive self-esteem, so make sure you reach out across any means or channels you feel most comfortable doing so.”

Listen to Dr Lynne Green's webinar for more support and advice during redundancy.