Uncovering Your Next Role

Learning outcomes:

  • Where to find your next job – uncovering hidden roles and where to look
  • Searches and short-cuts to enhance your job search
  • Creating advanced searches across multiple job boards to filter out irrelevant jobs 
  • Working with a recruitment agency


Uncovering your next role

With Lucy Bisset, Director
Robert Walters North West

What does the job search look like in a time of social distancing? We provide detailed guidance on where to find the right jobs for you and how to make the job seeking process streamlined and efficient. 

Top tips:


How to use advanced searches when looking for new roles

Job boards provide you with the ability to access many job adverts from a variety of sources at a click of the mouse. However, the output from searches can be overwhelming if you only utilise the front page of these sites.

Taking a more targeted approach by using advanced searches on job boards and job board aggregators*, such as IndeedLinkedIn and Adzooma can help you to focus on a more manageable and relevant list of jobs. Using job aggregators are a good place to start if you're unsure of what your looking for exactly. 

Top tips:

  • Create shorter but better matched job search results
  • Include and exclude key works in your searches 
  • Include your location, job title, date posted, industry, salary, job type - make your search as narrow as possible to create a truly targeted and matched job search result 
  • Try different sites and search criteria  

*Job aggregators are essentially search engines for job ads. Job aggregators gather job postings from job boards and other internet sites and consolidate them into a single searchable interface.

*Boolean searches can be used across all major job boards using the advanced search function. 

Your guide to Irish job boards and aggregators 

Search Ireland's leading job boards

Finding the right role isn’t always easy. Especially if you don’t know how (or where) to look. Our guide to Ireland's leading job board outlines where to look to help find you the most relevant jobs. 

Key tips:

  1. Start by assessing exactly what it is that you want; progression into a senior role, graduate scheme or if you're not quite sure, consider skills, experiences and even values that interest you - this all makes up your job search
  2. The easiest way to find your next role is by searching relevant roles on job boards, recruitment agencies and company websites. Most job boards are mobile friendly so you can search on the go, save jobs that interest you and tailor your application when you can on a desktop
  3. Discover which job boards offer you the most appealing roles, they can be broad and generic or sector specific job boards
  4. Build bespoke job board profiles and set up daily email alerts 
  5. Check back frequently - new jobs are added daily 
  6. Recruitment agencies and companies can be very selective when choosing who to interview
  7. Be selective in your applications - with a huge volume of applications per role during this time, you need to ensure you stand out and catch the hiring managers or recruitment consultants eye