The Interview That Sells Your Potential

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn how to present and market yourself throughout the interview process
  • Approaching competency based questions 
  • How to approach video interviews vs face-to-face
  • How to tackle tough interview questions 
  • Prepare for common interview questions

The Complete Interview Guide

The importance of preparation cannot be overstated. As well as boosting your confidence, it will help you to present your best self.

Interviewers frequently test a candidate's preparation to see how enthusiastic they are about the role and the company. Thorough preparation demonstrates to them that you’re serious about the job. In this chapter we show you how to prepare for success.

Find out how to:

  • Effectively prepare for an interview
  • What to do on the day of the interview 
  • Maximise the first 5 minutes of an interview
  • Address common interview questions
  • Avoid common interview mistakes
  • Thrive on video interviews

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Top tips on how to achieve interview success

With Habiba Khatoon, Director
Robert Walters Midlands 

Top tips:

  • Research thoroughly. It is important not to just look at the company website, take time to read press releases, annual reports, evaluate competitors and familiarise yourself with the interviewer
  • Prepare plenty of questions in advance and focus only on questions to do with the business and role at this stage
  • First impressions are very important, plan ahead



How to answer the most common difficult interview questions

With Louise Tallboy-Wood, Manager
Walters People London

Top Tips:

  • Thinking about potential difficult interview questions beforehand can help the interview run smoothly and help you stand out against the competition
  • Some of the most difficult questions are very common, pushing interviewees to think creatively, strategically and critically
  • Apply your interview answers to the job description 
  • Demonstrate relevant job skills and experiences in your answers 
  • Consider your long-term career goals and how this move will help you achieve your goals

Download the most common interview questions and how to tackle them. Start practising for your next interview today!

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Video player requires JavaScript enabled. You can watch this video here:

How to answer competency based questions

With Suzanne Feeney, Director
Robert Walters Dublin

Top tips:

  • Address competency questions as if you're telling a very focused story
  • Employers use these questions to distinguish if you'll be a good company fit 
  • Use them as an opportunity to differentiate yourself - stand out and be memorable (for the right reasons) 
  • Preparation is key 
  • Read the job spec thoroughly in advance of the interview and highlight keywords
  • Think of challenging scenarios you were faced with in the workplace and give examples of how you overcame them
  • Relax and be yourself


Is video part of your application process? 

Learn how to stand out when asked to complete a video

A good quality and memorable video interview can increase your employability by up to 40%! 

In today's remote working world, video interview will continue to be a requirement from UK businesses looking to hire, and more often we are seeing clients request video as part of the application process, including pre-determined question. So being prepared and knowing how to get this right is absolutely crucial to your interview success.

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