CV Workshop

Learning outcomes:

  • Update and rework your CV with recommended guidelines 
  • Build your perfect CV with the downloadable CV template 
  • Learn top CV tips 
  • Establish relevant work history and highlighting managerial experience to include on your CV
  • Understanding common CV mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Learn how to tailor and build a stand out CV

Demonstrate the best of you  

To stand out from the crowd in today's competitive market, hone in on your skills and key achievements that are relevant to the role you are applying for. We speak to our Robert Walters and Walters People leadership and management teams who offer advice on how to optimise your CV and what is required both at senior/management level and for those who have just graduated or early on in your career. 

Check out CV tips below

Senior level CV advice and requirements

With Aleisha Murray, Manager
Robert Walters London

Top tips:

  • Don't include everything, at senior level focus on the more pertinent information relevant for the role
  • Focus on quantitative results and key accomplishments 
  • Make your CV skills focused 
  • Use examples of strategic decision-making 
  • Include professional memberships 


Build your perfect CV in minutes

Build the perfect CV in minutes with our expert advice and support on how to structure your CV, what information to include and to exclude and how to ensure you get your CV noticed. 

The recent pandemic has meant competition for jobs continues to intensify, with record applications received per advert then ever before.

This means, taking that extra time and effort to tailor and bespoke your job applications is important. Sure, you may tick all the right boxes in terms of qualifications, you may have a compelling track record to talk about, and you may even have a winning personality too! But chances are, so will several other candidates...

Watch our CV animation for tips on how to get your CV noticed.