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4 Top reasons to move to Ireland

There has never been a better time to consider moving to Ireland: Ireland is consistently voted as one of the best places in the world to do business and is set to remain as one of the fastest growing economy’s in Europe. Moving to the Emerald Isle is not only just an opportunity to have a change in lifestyle, but with salaries on the increase, a shortage of talent and large multinationals setting up business, it also proves to be rewarding for your career.

These are some of the top reasons why you should come to Ireland with Robert Walters. 

1.       Salaries are on the increase

From 2015, Ireland saw increases of 3-15% in salaries and this trend has continued into 2017. Certain specialisms have seen more inflation than others, for example; newly qualified accountants with up to 3 years post qualified experience have seen an increase in salaries by nearly 15% in Dublin. This is also notable for certain professions in compliance, risk, legal, actuarial and IT where we have seen similar hikes over the past three years.

Employers in Ireland agree that returning Irish candidates have valuable international skill sets that put them at an advantage in their fields. Depending on experience, many employers have paid a premium to attract such talent back to the Irish shores. This coupled with skill shortages means that returning home can put you at the advantage for an increase in salary. 

2.       Economy is growing

The crane count in Dublin is now 70+, Ireland is on track to be the fastest growing economy in the euro zone for the fourth straight year with an expected GDP growth of 4% for 2017. According to the Central Statistics Office, unemployment rates are at a 9 year low reaching 6.1% as of September 2017 and the average weekly salary has increased by 2.2% from August 2016.

From a recruitment perspective we have seen an increase in opportunities across all sectors as large multinationals continue to expand and open businesses in the capital city. As the economy continues to grow, companies are facing large skills shortages that home-seekers have the ability to fill. Diverse job opportunities await home seekers with the likes of US MNC’s like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn choosing to set-up their headquarters in the capital city.

3.       Brexit is giving Ireland a boost

There is definitely some uncertainty surrounding Brexit and what exactly lies ahead, but the bottom line is that there are many multinational organisations based in the UK that want an international HQ in Europe. A very attractive alternative for many of these companies is to open a head office in Dublin and there are early examples of companies making the move. In addition to some asset management companies outright relocating their offices to Ireland, some banks and US multinationals have begun moving their trading function along with some corporate functions to their existing Irish offices.

4.       The Irish way of life

Bouncing back from the recession that hit in 2011, Ireland’s recovery has been nothing short of remarkable and is a true testament to the optimism and spirit of the nation and it’s people. The capital has become a truly multicultural hub due to its close proximity to Europe and America, the city has a dynamic international culture with a unique social scene and some of the best pubs and restaurants worldwide. Closeness to the country side, beaches and a safe living environment, not to mention a world class education system, makes Ireland a number one choice for many expats and of course, Irish returning home.

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