The 2023 Ireland Salary Calculator

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Find out how much you're worth with Ireland's most comprehensive, data-led salary benchmarking tool. Whether you're due a pay rise, promotion, or bonus, download the 2023 Salary Calculator and review accurate market salary and pay averages to see how you compare to others in your sector.

Developed in partnership with a market leading data provider, we assessed over 100,000 jobs posted over the last 12-months, to provide you with accurate data points on Irish salary ranges, and expectations for permanent and contract positions across Ireland.

We offer salary and market insights for permanent and contract positions in Dublin and across Ireland, for the following discipline areas*:

  • Accounting & Finance 
  • Banking & Financial Services 
  • Compliance
  • Risk
  • Legal
  • Business Support
  • Human Resources


*For salary and remuneration information on Part-Qualified & Transactional Finance, Business & Management Support, Marketing and Contract Finance, visit the Walters People website here

Whats inside...

Enhanced Data

Find out salary and pay ranges broken down by job title, location and seniority

Market Updates

View trends within your market, explained by our leadership team

Talent Hotspots

Learn what skill sets will be in demand for the year ahead for each sector


See what you should be expecting in your employment offer

The Ireland Salary Guide is a free benchmarking tool and based on the analysis of over 100,000 permanent and contract placements made across Ireland and predictions for the year ahead. Access your free salary benchmarking tool today.

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  • Why should I use a salary guide?

    To find out what a reasonable salary is for the job and industry you are in or are thinking of moving into, use a Salary Calculator to discover the average pay for someone with a similar level of experience as you and view your earning potential. 

  • How do I calculate my salary?

    In partnership with a data collection specialist, a salary benchmarking tool offers a fully comprehensive list of salary ranges and averages based on location, experience level and more. You can view the latest salary range and averages using the 2023 salary calculator. 

  • What is salary benchmarking?

    Salary benchmarking is the process of comparing salaries across the market for a particular job and providing a range and average for a particular role which can help guide employees looking to negotiate a higher salary with their employer at annual and half-year review periods. 

  • What are the benefits of using a salary benchmarking guide?

    Whether you're due a pay rise, promotion, or bonus, a Salary Calculator allows you to review accurate market salary and pay averages to see how you compare to others in your sector. Having accurate data-led salary information will help identify exactly how much you should be earning so you can prepare to negotiate your salary in your next performance review.

  • When is the best time to negotiate my salary?

    Salary reviews often take place during the annual and half-year employee performance review periods. Make sure you take this into consideration and time your negotiation right. If the annual pay review is in January, and you call the meeting for February, you’re likely to have missed the boat. In such a case, November would be the most suitable time here. 

  • How do I negotiate my pay & compensation?

    The key to a successful negotiation is being prepared for the discussion before it occurs by having a good idea what you are worth and why. Find out how much employees carrying out similar roles are paid. The key is to demonstrate your views with good examples of similar jobs both from inside and outside the firm. You can do this by benchmarking your salary against salary surveys in your sector.