Diversity & Inclusion: Deepa Shah, Chief Financial Officer, Founder of LabEight

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In the Robert Walters Workplace Inclusion podcast series we discuss key learnings and successes with leading businesses who are paving the way in diversity inclusion. 

We explore what structures, policies and frameworks they have governed and how it has accelerated their change in the workplace. 

From leadership to real-life case studies, we explore all angles of diversity in the workplace. 

In this episode Dominic Horne speaks with Deepa Shah. Deepa is a multiple award winning CFO including 2020 Technology CFO of the year and 2018 CFO of the year at the Women in Finance Awards. Throughout her career Deepa has been actively involved in multiple initiatives that drive change for a more equal and diverse work place with a considerable amount of time spent helping women progress in their career.

Deepa reflects on her involvement as part of the Omniwomen committee, and then as Chair of VivaWomen! an employee-led Gender Equality community whilst at Publicis. She also addresses the issue of the lack of representation for BAME talent in the Creative industry. 



Deepa Shah
Chief Financial Officer
Founder of Lab Eight


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