Irish professionals lead the way in socialising outside the workplace


It’s true that the Irish enjoy a social environment and freely mix this with work, as a Robert Walters survey reveals almost half of Irish professionals socialise with colleagues outside of the workplace. According to our recent survey, 46% of Irish professionals socialise with their colleagues outside of the workplace, with 49% of Irish professionals believing it to be an important factor for ensuring a good working relationship with colleagues. This figure is notably higher than the European average, where only 18% of professionals surveyed throughout Europe socialise with colleagues outside of working hours.

In Ireland, 54% of male and 46% of female professionals surveyed actively socialise outside the workplace, of which 46% of those Irish professionals were born in Generation X (born between 1968 – 1979), and 38% were born in Generation Y (those born between 1980 – 1994). The survey also revealed that organisations with 2,000 or more employees had the highest level of professionals who socialise outside of the workplace at 55%.

Louise Campbell, Managing Director at Robert Walters Ireland, says: “The survey shows that Irish workers are significantly more sociable outside of working hours with their peers than the rest of Europe. This can either galvanise a group of individuals greatly or kick up a myriad of HR issues that can prove problematic on a Monday morning.”

More than 6,700 professionals across Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland were surveyed on a variety of employment related issues including working habits, job satisfaction, motivation and working environment.

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