59% of professionals willing to give up a permanent job for their ideal role

According to a recent Robert Walters survey, the majority of professionals throughout Europe would willingly give up a permanent job for their ideal role. More than 6,700 professionals across Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland were surveyed on a variety of employment related issues including working habits, job satisfaction, motivation and working environment. Although 75% of the professionals surveyed were currently working in a permanent position, a total of 59% of respondents stated they would accept a temporary or contract position if their ideal role was offered.

Of the 59% of professionals across Europe who would be willing to accept a temporary/contract position for their ideal role, 25% said the duration of the contract would not matter to them, while 32% stated that they would only accept if the contract was for a year or more. In Ireland, where 69% of the respondents currently work in permanent employment, 27% of all respondents would accept a temporary/contract position regardless of the duration for their ideal role, while 40% stated that they would accept if the contract was for a year or more.

Suzanne Feeney, Associate Director at Robert Walters Ireland, says:

“These results are indicative of an upturn in confidence amongst job seekers throughout Europe. During the recession, people were hesitant to even move to another permanent position for fear of making the wrong choice. The idea of moving from a permanent contract of employment to a temporary/contract one was practically unheard of and the majority of jobseekers would not have even considered it. This is a clear sign that confidence has returned amongst job seekers and we are witnessing increased movement across markets as a result.”

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