Gaming: Perfect Play for Growth

The talent analysis of the digital gaming sector

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Since the dawn of the digital age, the online gaming industry has been taking the world by storm – not least during Covid-19 where all around the world, citizens were asked to stay at home for months on end. In a world where blockbuster premiers, national sporting events, and hospitality and leisure were all vetoed – gaming further infiltrated the daily lives of multiple generations as one of the only accessible lockdown past-times. 

The Robert Walters Tech Series, in partnership with VacancySoft, tracks the tech sectors driving Irish job growth. As changing demographics and increased publicity encourage new generations of video game fanatics, accessing online games across multiple platforms, we analyse how the gaming industry has anchored the Irish economy and unlocked job growth in a period of uncertainty.


The report explores:

  • Defying the odds during Covid-19
  • The demographic reach of gaming in 2020
  • The impact of mobile in taking gaming to the mass market
  • Roles in demand and 2020 gaming salaries
  • Regions topping the leaderboard for jobs growth
  • Technologies driving 'Next Generation' gaming
  • Key industry trends with Wildlife Studios

What is driving demand within gaming? What will be the key drivers for growth in the next 5 years? Wildlife Studios, one of the 10 largest mobile gaming companies in the world, provides an in depth insight into the growth trajectory of the gaming sector.

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