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The impact of COVID-19 has been unprecedented, certainly changing the world as we know it. Businesses everywhere have had to pivot and adjust as necessary to make safety a top priority. This results in additional pressure for senior HR professionals in particular, who are now faced with challenging business decisions.

The Robert Walters HR Insights Series has been developed to identify the challenges faced by senior HR professionals and advice on how to overcome them. Robert Walters will cover a series of Q&A sessions held with senior HR professionals across Ireland, covering topics such as leadership in a time of crisis, how to build resilience in a time of crisis, how to manage your own wellness and more. 

Robert Walters has the capability to provide candidates and clients with innovative video technology, from live interviews to solo pre-recorded ones which can be created at the candidates' convenience and sent to the client to review, also at their convenience. We can also provide video shortlists alongside supporting documents, such as CVs, test results and portfolios. 

We reduce the need for face-to-face interviews, time-to-hire and manage the entire recruitment process remotely - accelerating the efficiency and effectiveness of your onboarding process. 

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Senior HR leaders Q&A

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Returning to Work- The Transition: HR Insights Series

Claire Dunwoody is joined by Anna O’Flanagan, Managing Director of Red Squirrel for the fifth Q&A session of the series. With team building at the core of her experience and expertise, Anna discusses the importance of virtual team building initiatives, and how these might develop over the next few months as we ease back into a ‘new normal’. Anna also discusses the main challenges faced by HR professions as we transition from ‘working from home’ to ‘returning to work’ phases:

Support of HR professionals in times of crisis: HR Insights Series

For the fourth Q&A session, Claire Dunwoody is joined by Karin Lange, an HR Director with 30 years in HR in global corporations. Karin’s experience covers working with HR in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East and includes a number of different sectors. With a great passion for HR, Karin will share some of her thoughts and ideas around how HR can support both their organisation effectively, but also look after their own well-being during these challenging times. See what Karin had to say:

Hiring outside your industry sector: HR Insights Series

Clair Daly, Head of People at Quintain joins us for our third Q&A session of the Robert Walters HR Insights Series. Speaking from past experience in hiring roles across a variety of industries, Clair discusses the pros and cons of hiring HR professionals from a different sector than you operate. See what Clair has to say here:

Creating an actionable employee wellness strategy: HR Insights Series

Anne-Maire Lowry, HR Business Partner joins us for our second Q&A session of the Robert Walters HR Insights Series. Focusing on employee wellness, Anne-Marie speaks from her experience on the importance of a well-structured employee wellness programme within an organisation and how to best measure its overall impact.

Professional development and role transition: HR Insights Series

James Ryan, COO of Ammeon joins us for our first Q&A session of the Robert Walters HR Insights Series. This session focuses on professional development and James discusses how previous experience as Head of HR has had a crucial impact on his role today as Chief Operating Officer.

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