Robert Walters Recruitment Inclusivity Audit

Identify bias and barriers in your hiring process

Your hiring process has likely evolved over time, with new processes, content and technology added and removed. Whilst this process may deliver a functional talent acquisition service and experience, bias is likely to be threaded through each stage of your process.

Our research indicates that bias is introduced before candidates even visit your careers page and continues through selection, assessment, interviewing and onboarding. 

Our end-to-end inclusivity audit is the most advanced diverse hiring audit available, analysing the impact of recruitment content and processes across eight different lenses.

Delivering actionable, meaningful change

Unlike many diversity initiatives, our fully remote Inclusivity Audit focuses on actionable, meaningful change, ensuring clients are provided with an immediate ‘to do’ list to help achieve diversity objectives and goals. 

A bespoke report includes:

  • Analysis of 257 data points
  • Blending academic research and best-in-class case studies from over 100 sources 
  • Typically 75+ recommendations for quickly actioning meaningful change
  • Reporting, including key findings and recommendations provided within 30 working days

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A trusted bias minimisation recruitment solution

We have supported the diversity and inclusion recruitment objectives of leading organisations globally.


Our Inclusivity Audit is award-winning, having been recognised as market leading by industry bodies.