Accepting job offers & salaries

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How to decide between job offers

It might sound like the dream, but having two job offers on the table can make for a hard decision. Our experts share some crucial things to consider if you’re struggling to decide.

Six ways to turn a job rejection to your advantage

With the right mindset, you can turn a job rejection into a career development opportunity. Here’s how…

Considering a counter-offer?

Just as you hand in your notice, you're approached with a counter-offer from your current employer. These 5 questions will help you work through your options.

Should you accept a counter-offer?

As the market improves, the frequency of counter-offers has become a lot more prevalent. However, should you accept a counter-offer from your employer?

Accepting a counter offer

Should you accept a counter-offer? Here we look at the factors you should consider when deciding between a new position and a counter offer from your current employer.

Negotiating your salary

Discussing your salary need not be an awkward conversation - if you prepare, are aware of the market and your company you are more likely to be successful.