Flying into a finance career in aircraft leasing

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The sky’s the limit for finance professionals wanting to start their career in the aircraft leasing industry in Ireland. As growing demand for air travel spreads across the globe, the industry continues to see profits soar year on year and offers an attractive career path. This has lead to more and more ambitious finance professionals seeking to begin a career within the industry.


We identify how determined finance professionals looking at making the move can prepare themselves for a career in aircraft leasing and the benefits and challenges that come with the role.

What types of opportunities are available for finance professionals?

We have seen that accountants are in the strongest position to make the move into the aircraft leasing industry, particularly those coming from a Big 4 background.

And if you are coming from a private practice background, make sure to take the opportunity to do audit in these firms, as this experience will be highly valued when applying for a role.

Securing an auditing role with an aircraft leasing firm is the most typical route into the industry for accountants. The majority of firms are keen for accountants to move into more strategic positions within the industry, where ambitious professionals can achieve rapid career progression.

Professionals coming from a asset management background can also make the move into the industry, but this can typically be a more challenging route.

What type of academics would professionals need?

Within the aircraft leasing industry many employers regard academic qualifications as highly important when recruiting finance professionals. In particular, a masters degree is considered valuable.

In addition, other vocational qualifications in your specialised field, such as internal audit, can help you stand out from competitors who may also be considering to make their move into the sector.

How can professionals ensure they have a successful career within aircraft leasing?

Being successful as a finance professional in the aircraft leasing industry is a result of adopting a ‘big picture’ approach. As a sector which is impacted by domestic and international economic factors, the ability for you to demonstrate a high level of commercial acumen still remains popular with employers.

The aviation industry is supported by a surplus of publications, subscriptions and databases, so make sure that you always keep up to date with any industry developments and legislative changes that may arise.

What are the benefits and challenges that come with the role?

One of the most appealing elements of a career in aircraft leasing is the opportunity to get a higher base salary earlier on in your career. As a growing and very competitive industry, employers are keen to hire the best candidates and are willing to offer generous salaries to attract them.

However, it is worth considering that this attractive salary is often justified on the grounds that long hours are expected and achieving work life balance can sometimes be challenging.

Interested in a career in aircraft leasing? Get in touch with one of our experienced consultants or view our latest finance jobs in Ireland here. You can read more about careers in finance here.

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