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What to look for in a recruitment consultant

As any experienced jobseeker can tell you, there are plenty of recruitment consultancies out there but, with each varying significantly, how do you find the one that’s right for you? Here are five key questions to ask…

Why you need to take your HR interview seriously

During some interview processes you may also have to face the HR manager. Here we review why this stage is important and why you need to take the HR interview seriously.

Considering a counter-offer?

You've been offered a new job, but just as you hand in your notice, you're approached with a counter-offer from your current employer. What to do? These 5 questions will help you work through your options.

Should you accept a counter-offer?

As the market improves, the frequency of counter-offers has become a lot more prevalent. However, should you accept a counter-offer from your employer?

Using a recruitment consultancy

Looking for your next career move? Utilizing a recruitment company can open otherwise closed doors, offer support and invaluable advice.

Negotiating your salary

Discussing your salary need not be an awkward conversation - if you prepare, are aware of the market and your company you are more likely to be successful.