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What to look for in a recruitment consultant

As any experienced jobseeker can tell you, there are plenty of recruitment consultancies out there but, with each varying significantly, how do you find the one that’s right for you? Here are five key questions to ask…
Mark Fallon

Flying into a finance career in aircraft leasing

The sky’s the limit for finance professionals wanting to start their career in the aircraft leasing industry in Ireland. Read our tips on how to make the move into the aircraft leasing industry.
Laura Tierney

A role at the heart of an organisation - Becoming a company secretary

Are you considering a career as a company secretary? A company secretary holds a strategic position within an organisation. Read Laura's tips on how to become a company secretary in Ireland.
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How to find an employer you can believe in

We all want to work for a company that we can feel good about and that’s aligned with our core values. So how do you find an employer you can believe in? Here are a few key questions to ask…

Careers in finance

With so many career options available, do you know which finance career path you should follow? Have a look at some of the most common paths here.
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7 ways to stand out from the crowd

You’re a great candidate for that role – but you’re not the only one. Take inspiration from these stories of candidates who’ve gone the extra mile to win over an employer…
Andrew Murphy

What to do after leaving a Big 4

Want to know what you should do after leaving a Big 4? We talk to Andrew Murphy, manager of Accounting & finance about which career paths finance professionals in Ireland should consider after leaving a Big 4 firm.
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How to ask for more money with confidence

Even when we feel we deserve a promotion, a pay rise, or a better starting package, not everyone finds it easy to ask, and this can be especially true of women. Here are some ideas and inspiration to help boost your assertiveness in conversations about money…