Robert Walters - Top 25 socially engaged companies

LinkedIn published a report on the value of corporate social media usage and its effects on employees and customers. 

Robert Walters is engaged in social media

The findings were summarised in a comprehensive infographic, titled ‘Relationship Economics’, which included a list of the 25 companies most socially engaged, in which Robert Walters was named. This list was compiled based on how companies utilised LinkedIn for content marketing, employee engagement, talent and recruitment and sales.

According to the report, actively investing in employee and customer engagement improves internal relationships. When employees feel empowered to promote the brand, they become more engaged at work and more optimistic.

Employees more productive in socially engaged companies

The report highlighted employees at socially engaged companies are more likely to feel optimistic about the future of the brand, more likely to feel inspired, more likely to stay at the company and more likely to feel connected to coworkers. All of these sentiments translate into more effective employees and ultimately higher productivity.

The study also found that socially engaged companies are also more likely to drive greater lead generation, cultivate innovation and yield top talent. Companies with an active presence on social media are perceived as more competitive than those who are not. Highly engaged companies are also more likely to get increased sales leads and attract top talent.

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