How to recruit the perfect team

Louise Campbell

Building a successful team is much like finding the perfect rugby team, but it’s about more than just finding employees with the right skills. For your business to succeed you will need to create a winning team. So how do you find the perfect team?

Louise Campbell, Managing Director Robert Walters Ireland shares her top tips on how to recruit the perfect team.


1. Make the job description stand out

The job description is the first point of contact you’ll have with potential candidates. If it doesn’t stand out, you will run the risk of losing great employees before the process has even begun. Make sure that every job description you send out is enticing, accurate and professional, but most importantly make sure it sets the role apart from other companies offering a similar position.

2. Remember to sell the company in the interview stage

When recruiting your top team, remember to show candidates why they should come and work for your company. It isn’t just up to them to sell themselves, finding the right fit for your team means you will have to sell the benefits of working for your company. Make sure to avoid losing great potential employees because of slow communication between interviews by keeping them engaged with your brand between each meeting. 

3. Find the right people who fit your company culture

Make sure that the hires you make are not solely based on their CV, pay particular attention to their personality and if this will align with the culture you are aiming to achieve in your company. A successful team doesn’t just rely on the expertise of each individual, but also their teamwork and ability to build relationships.

4. Involve the right people during the recruitment process

Make sure to involve not only the hiring managers in the process, but include practical situations where possible. For example, if you manage a finance division, you could introduce the candidate to the team to see how they gel with the people they’d be working with day in, day out. It’s better for both parties to gauge this before a potential employee begins.

Make sure that you get proactive about growing your team. Great teams are the result of careful planning, vetting and supporting employees with their own personal career goals. In order to recruit the perfect team, don’t hire to fill a role, rather start by finding the right people for your team.

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