How will you achieve your marketing career goals this year?

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Career progression is key to job satisfaction for most marketers. To ensure you move swiftly into the next stage of your career, it is important to plan how to achieve your marketing goals.

Whether moving from assistant to executive, or into a managerial position, setting reachable goals as early as possible in your current role will make them easier to achieve.

“Before you can climb the next step in the career ladder, it’s important to raise your profile within your organisation. Whichever stage you are currently in, as a marketer you should demonstrate your ability to add value to the business” says Gemma Allen, Director at Robert Walters.

“This can be achieved by analysing how your input has contributed to the success of an overall company marketing goal."

Setting reachable goals as early as possible in your current role will make them easier to achieve.

Three top ways to achieve your marketing career goals:

  • Raise your profile – show initiative in current tasks
  • Learn from those above you – observe what approach the person senior to you takes
  • Be proactive – take control of your role by coming up with suggestions and ideas 

If you are keen on advancing in your marketing career, it’s important to show engagement in your current position and also to identify what will be expected of you to perform successfully in your next role. 

"Setting achieveable career goals at the start is useful; it allows you to plan, take the appropriate steps and develop the right attitude to ensure that you have reason to climb up the career ladder." said Gemma.

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