IT salary trends in Ireland


The Robert Walters Global Salary Survey for 2017 contains recruitment market updates, hiring advice and benchmarks salaries across our global markets.

Here we discuss the outlook for the IT sector in Ireland.

A global technology hub

Foreign direct investment into Ireland continued in 2016, leading to growth in demand for skilled IT professionals. Hiring levels within the sector increased, with an overwhelming volume of open IT vacancies available throughout the year.

Salaries expected to rise further due to the ongoing shortage of readily available IT talent.

Companies sought to recruit junior and midlevel professionals with a view to developing them for the future. Meanwhile, demand for senior candidates such as programme and PMO managers was often met by contract hiring due to the business critical nature of these appointments. The most sought-after professionals included data analysts, data scientists and BI consultants. In addition, Dublin’s emergence as a centre for new technology led to a steady demand for programmers, QA testers and solutions architects.

High demand for IT professionals

An increasing number of companies began to offer visa sponsorship in order to attract skilled workers abroad. Where measures like this had previously been avoided, more and more companies are now including this option in their recruitment process in a bid to tackle candidate shortages.

Mark Fallon, Associate Director of Accounting, Finance & IT for Robert Walters Ireland said: “The uncertainty surrounding [visa] sponsorship is slowly decreasing and many forward-thinking companies are reaping huge benefits from this, having focused their time, awareness and resources into this area.”

Candidate shortages meant those with niche skills could demand premium salaries, especially for time-sensitive interim and contract positions. Organisations offering strong overall salary packages, coupled with opportunities for progression and flexibility, fared better in securing talent than their peers. These trends look likely to continue in 2017, with salaries expected to rise further due to the ongoing shortage of readily available IT talent, particularly data scientists.

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