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Mark Leigh joined Robert Walters’ Dublin office as a candidate resourcer in June 2016 after completing a four-year Bachelor of Commerce with German degree programme at University College Dublin.

He has quickly engaged with the world of recruitment and developed his skills within the team, being promoted to recruiter on the accounting and finance desk at the start of 2017 and winning the company’s Europe Rising Star Award.


What made you choose recruitment for a career after your university studies?

“The idea of working in recruitment hadn’t really been in my mind. However I knew I wanted a job where promotion would be based on ability and performance, not on length of service. The more I researched prospective careers, the more recruitment emerged as the front runner. I have always been entrepreneurial and to be honest being a recruiter is like running your own mini start-up. Although you are working on behalf of a large Plc, ultimately everything you do will affect your own reputation. Another pull factor was the interactive nature of the industry itself. It is a very social job which requires you to establish and maintain relationships – you are only as good as your network. 

What made Robert Walters the right choice for you?

Robert Walters stood out from the rest because of its team-based commission structure and the opportunities it provides to progress quickly. It’s a unique quality of the business and made it a company I wanted to be part of, as I like a collaborative environment where people share ideas and experiences.

The job application process reinforced my opinions about the company. The interviews I had, both on the phone and face-to-face, were friendly and welcoming, showing me what a people-focused business this is. I felt that what Robert Walters could offer me career-wise was very appealing, in particular the potential to work internationally within a global Plc.

How has your career progressed since you joined the team?

I started as a candidate resourcer, a support role where I was keeping in touch with candidates, ensuring their details and CVs are kept up-to-date and putting them forward for consultants to make matches with client requirements. There was a lot of detail and it quickly showed me what the priorities were for both candidates and clients.

Being promoted to recruitment consultant was a big step up, but I was fortunate to have a supportive manager and mentor who gave me a tremendous insight into the business.

I am keen to succeed and am proud of the fact that in the first half of this year I have managed to exceed both my financial key performance indicators (KPIs) and activity level targets.

What professional achievements are you most proud of?

Winning the company’s Europe Rising Star Award in May this year was very special. Also, to be sitting as the top biller in the Dublin office at the half-year is a great feeling, it makes the long hours and money spent on cups of coffee worthwhile. Of course, it was great to be recognised with the award, but again it shows how genuine the meritocratic culture is at Robert Walters. If you invest a lot in what you do and show an entrepreneurial spirit, then you will be rewarded.

What do you hope to do in the future?

Robert Walters offers the chance to move on to a management/directorship path, or take a route to principal consultant. Personally, I love people-management and wouldn’t mind stepping back from the sales element and putting a team together. At the same time, I would relish the chance to work overseas to gain experience of how recruitment works in other markets. 

Is there a good social dimension to the office?

There is a great atmosphere in the office and we’ve had some very enjoyable incentive trips to places such as Madrid and Amsterdam. I have made some good friends and people get along very well with each other in and out of the office. We have a similar way of thinking, helped by an open working environment that encourages people to speak out.

Why would you recommend a career in recruitment to graduates?

To those looking for a graduate job in Ireland I'd say it’s genuinely exciting and very different from most jobs out there. From day one it is fast-paced and dynamic so you have to be able to think and react quickly. It is a people game, with lots of human interaction, and you get to work with very senior clients, which I think helps you develop both personally and professionally. Although, as in any job, you do have to put in time at your desk, you are encouraged to get out of the office and engage with clients and candidates, which helps break up your days.

It is an innovative environment to work in and you are encouraged to come up with ideas. Being given a great degree of freedom in how you approach your work to achieve your targets and KPIs is empowering and fosters your personal growth and development.

At Robert Walters the team approach makes for a very supportive atmosphere, almost like a family. They want you to do well and make progress, giving you the support and training to succeed. And if you do well there are rewards and great opportunities to develop your career."


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